Bedec are a British manufacturer of high quality water based paints best known for MSP a true Multi Surface Paint, interior or exterior use on many substrates. Bedec manufacture many other water based paints, Multi surface paint ( MSP ) is probably the best know in the range. MSP can be used internal or external on to Wood, Metal, Masonry, some plastics, glazed tiles, Pvcu and composite doors and windows. No primer is required the product is microporous which means it will allow moisture trapped in wood to evaporate though the paint. Barn paint is also a well know paint finish very similar to the MSP, also microporous, highly flexible, hard wearing and durable ideal for application to timber, metal, farm machinery, metal cladded buildings and much more.. Bedec make fine quality trim paint in the Bedec Aqua Advanced non yellowing, easy flow paint, They make paint for roofs, Elastomeric masonry paints with 400% stretch to bridge small hairline cracking.