Bedec All Prime | All Surface Primer

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  • All Surface – All Purpose Primer
  • Water based
  • Quick drying re-coat after 4 hours
  • Bond coat, Adhesion promoting
  • Prevents Knot & Tanning Bleed, Smoke, Fire Damage 
  • Interior / Exterior use
  • Use on Non Ferrous Metals, Wood, GRP, Upvc
  • Application: Brush, Roller, Spray
  • Coverage: 10 sqm per 1lt
  • Touch dry: Approx 2 hrs, curing several days

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Bedec All Prime, a multi purpose primer and bond coat for interior and exterior use excellent for use on metal, wood, a superb stain blocking and sealer primer. All Prime is  quick drying, water based primer that is suitable for using on a range of surfaces including interior and exterior walls, ceilings, doors, trim, fascia, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Recommended Uses
Apply to interior and exterior – walls, ceilings, doors, trim, fascia, soffits, foundations, railings, and related paintable surfaces. BEDEC – ALL PRIME® bonds to wood, plaster, concrete, gloss enamels, hardboard, glass and tile. Provides a rust inhibitive coating on iron railings, steel frames, piping, etc. Alkali Resistant to high pH surfaces (up to 12.5) including; plaster, poured concrete, concrete block, stucco and ‘hot’ joint / texture compounds. Seals porous surfaces and traps most stains in the primer film – graffiti, grease, rust, cedar and redwood tannin, creosote, and asphalt stains. Some stains may require a second coat.

Interior Substrates
New or previously painted drywall, cured plaster, cement, poured concrete, concrete block, stucco, wood (pine, fir, birch, oak and plywood), aluminium, iron, steel and galvanised metal, PVC, glossy laminates and other interior surfaces.

Exterior Substrates
Recommended for all types of wood (New or previously painted pine, fir, cedar, redwood, plywood, T-111, and pressure treated wood), hardboard, metal (aluminium, steel, iron and galvanised metal), PVC, fibreglass, masonry (stucco, concrete block, poured concrete and brick). Rust Inhibitive– Dries to a tight, water resistant film that inhibits development and spread of rust on metal. Alkali Resistant – Can be applied to high pH surfaces (up to 12.5) without bubbling, lifting or degrading due to high alkalinity making it an ideal primer for concrete, stucco.

Cedar and Redwood Bleed
Traps tannins in the primer film to prevent them from ‘bleeding’ into the finish coat. For best results, allow to dry overnight before applying topcoat. Very porous woods may

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750ml, 2.5lt


White, Grey

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